From the Web 2021

There is an excellent thread by “Dr. Simon” on $TWTR. He explains the connection between the suppression of science and the irrational attitude to COVID-19. He also shows similarities between the use of COVID-19 by Democrat-Socialist / Big Tech / Fake News and techniques of control, used by totalitarian regimes against prisoners. In my opinion, these techniques are also used by the so-called social media. It begins:

“1/77 #Science and neutral reporting are increasingly being oppressed. This is only possible as we find ourselves in a continuous state of #fear. In this eye-opening thread, I’ll explain how this could have happened and what #consequences this development has on our lives.

A separate tweet: “The fate of the world as we know it is at stake. Pseudoscience is dominating the news. “

Sundance,  Stand and Save Our Children – The Emotional Impact on Schools Being Closed is Incredible:

“In my personal opinion this emotional and education crisis is purposeful to the efforts of the far-left. If they can destroy the emotional and intellectual functioning of a generation through the exploitation of COVID, their efforts to fundamentally change the U.S. …”

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