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Big Tech and IT Security was published in the American Thinker on December 16.

UVB Activation of AMPs Production in the Skin and the Innate Respiratory Immunity has been published in WUWT today, November 29. Yes, we do need exposure to the UVB to maintain healthy immune system against COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. Vitamin D supplementation does not replace sunlight. Moderate exposure to sunlight is beneficial, not harmful. Blacks and other dark-skinned folks need more sunlight, and have been hit by the ozone hoax worse than others. The current increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations is likely caused by decrease in the UVB exposure. Lockdowns aggravate the situation.

“Remdesivir for COVID-19” Study accidentally proved effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine was published in WUWT on October 26.

Does Universal Mask Wearing Decrease or Increase the Spread of COVID-19? was published in WUWT on July 26. The answer is ‘Increase‘. Masks spread COVID-19.

How to End the COVID-19 Epidemic in the US  was published in AT on July 14.

Hydroxychloroquine-based COVID-19 Treatment, A Systematic Review of Clinical Evidence and Expert Opinion from Physicians’ Surveys was published in WUWT on July 7, 2020.

Hypothesis: Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine Contribute to the COVID-19 Cases Surge was published in WUWT on July 5, 2020. The main thing about Hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19: HCQ+AZ given early.

They are administered together in the early, viral stage of the disease, before the viral load reaches its maximum (around 5 days after onset of symptoms) or even overwhelms the body. Individually, HCQ & AZ have some antiviral activity against Wuhan coronavirus. However, administered together, they have a synergistic effect, and are very strong antiviral. Zinc is for a bonus effect. I think that the synergy created by combining HCQ+AZ is what Dr. Fauci and other knowledgeable doctors missed.

The spike in new cases in Texas after June 15 is very pronounced. Florida and Arizona had a rise in new cases since June 1. I think it is caused by the fear to use HCQ, caused by the FDA. In any case, an early HCQ+AZ (+Zn) treatment is an effective  measure to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Zelenko tweeted today:

Each day I get emails from people who want prescriptions for hydroxychloroqiune, azithromycin, etc. … Doctors won’t prescribe because it’s become so political

Big Tech Pandemic was published in WUWT on June 8, 2020.

Vitamin C in COVID-19 Prevention was published in WUWT on May 31, 2020. Additionally, Sermo Survey  of 5,000 physicians in 30 countries, published on April 9, has shown that:

Other than typical cold/flu medications (acetaminophen, anti-histamines, etc.) to treat COVID-19, physicians report having recommended or seen recommended to their patients Vitamin C (32%), Zinc (21%), and Vitamin D (19%).

There is a disagreement about vitamin D. One needs to get vitamin D from cod liver oil, wild caught fatty fish, or careful sun exposure. Vitamin D in supplements might be not effective.

In terms of overall efficacy, 16% of physicians have seen Vitamin C as effective in treating COVID-19

They probably meant that vitamin C in large doses helps in treating COVID-19.

28% of physicians have recommend taking daily Vitamin C (supplements/fruits/vegetables) to protect themselves from COVID-19

Distributed Denial of HCQ to COVID-19 Victims was published in WUWT on May 11, 2020. Doctors using HCQ for COVID-19 felt under attack. Doctors and Patients Are Pawns in a Dangerous Political Brinkmanship (AAPS, April 27, 2020):

Front-line physicians treating patients with COVID-19 are seeing an alarming, escalating, orchestrated attack on chloroquine (CQ) and its safer derivative, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

Many Effects of Hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19 was published in WUWT on May 5, 2020.

Started on May 6, and updated after that.

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