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Does Universal Mask Wearing Decrease or Increase the Spread of COVID-19? was published in WUWT on July 26. The answer is ‘Increase‘. Masks spread COVID-19.

How to End the COVID-19 Epidemic in the US  was published in AT on July 14.

Hydroxychloroquine-based COVID-19 Treatment, A Systematic Review of Clinical Evidence and Expert Opinion from Physicians’ Surveys was published in WUWT on July 7, 2020.

Hypothesis: Restrictions on Hydroxychloroquine Contribute to the COVID-19 Cases Surge was published in WUWT on July 5, 2020.

The main thing about Hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID-19: HCQ+AZ given early. They are administered together in the early, viral stage of the disease, before the viral load reaches its maximum (around 5 days after onset of symptoms) or even overwhelms the body. Individually, HCQ & AZ have some antiviral activity against Wuhan coronavirus. However, administered together, they have a synergistic effect, and are very strong antiviral. Zinc is for a bonus effect. I think that the synergy created by combining HCQ+AZ is what Dr. Fauci and other knowledgeable doctors missed.

The spike in new cases in Texas after June 15 is very pronounced. Florida and Arizona had a rise in new cases since June 1. I think it is caused by the fear to use HCQ, caused by the FDA. In any case, an early HCQ+AZ (+Zn) treatment is an effective  measure to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Zelenko tweeted today:

Each day I get emails from people who want prescriptions for hydroxychloroqiune, azithromycin, etc. … Doctors won’t prescribe because it’s become so political

Big Tech Pandemic was published in WUWT on June 8, 2020.

Vitamin C in COVID-19 Prevention was published in WUWT on May 31, 2020. Additionally, Sermo Survey  of 5,000 physicians in 30 countries, published on April 9, has shown that:

Other than typical cold/flu medications (acetaminophen, anti-histamines, etc.) to treat COVID-19, physicians report having recommended or seen recommended to their patients Vitamin C (32%), Zinc (21%), and Vitamin D (19%).

There is a disagreement about vitamin D. One needs to get vitamin D from cod liver oil, wild caught fatty fish, or careful sun exposure. Vitamin D in supplements might be not effective.

In terms of overall efficacy, 16% of physicians have seen Vitamin C as effective in treating COVID-19

They probably meant that vitamin C in large doses helps in treating COVID-19.

28% of physicians have recommend taking daily Vitamin C (supplements/fruits/vegetables) to protect themselves from COVID-19

Distributed Denial of HCQ to COVID-19 Victims was published in WUWT on May 11, 2020. Doctors using HCQ for COVID-19 felt under attack. Doctors and Patients Are Pawns in a Dangerous Political Brinkmanship (AAPS, April 27, 2020):

Front-line physicians treating patients with COVID-19 are seeing an alarming, escalating, orchestrated attack on chloroquine (CQ) and its safer derivative, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

Many Effects of Hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19 was published in WUWT on May 5, 2020.

Started on May 6, and updated after that.

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