Another Fatal Contradiction in Dem narrative of Jan6 and Quotes

Pittman’s testimony below highlights another fatal contradiction in the official J6 explanation. How could the USCP almost entirely clear the huge Capitol building of the “armed insurrectionists” in less than two hours (starting after 15:00 and ending by 17:00), whom it could not hold from breaching and invading the Capitol at 14:10?

Clearing the Capitol building from the “insurrectionists” took USCP a little more than twice the time they needed to clear the House and Senate Chambers of Congress Members (45 minutes 14:11 to 14:56)!

There was amazing cooperation from the alleged insurrectionists! Even half-a-dozen intruder could have delayed resuming the joint session until the next day, simply by playing hide-and-seek with USCP, (assuming they visited and studied the Capitol building before). Cutting a few electrical cables or leaving a couple of outright hoax bomb would have also prevented the session from being resumed on the same day. A couple of real IEDs would have required days of clearing. Nothing like this was done.

Thus, the only thing that the real attackers wanted was to stop the Republican objections. Apparently,  Democrat favorites like Pittman shared this goal.


(Late January or February 2021)

“On January 6th, in the face of a terrorist attack by tens of thousands of insurrectionists determined to stop the certification of Electoral College votes, the Department failed to meet its own high standards as well as yours.”

This sentence reveals a lot about the attitude of this woman, who commanded the USCP response on Jan 6. It also explains the indiscriminatory shooting of stun grenades and chemical munitions into a peaceful gathering of Trump supporters, in violation of the law and the approved USCP plan for Jan 6. Pittman considered every Trump supporter to be an enemy.

The statement that the attackers were “determined to stop the certification of Electoral College” is just Pittman repeating the propaganda created in the Democrat electioneering bowels. She cannot read the minds.

“Once Members were safe, the Department began aiding staff barricaded in offices in the Capitol. It was not until Members and staff were safely evacuated that the Department began clearing the Capitol of invaders floor by floor with the assistance of its law enforcement partners”

Here, the inexplicable behavior of USCP is backed by an illogical explanation. If “the insurrectionists” were determined to stop the certification, the logical response would have been to ensure that the certification continues, rather than to evacuate Congress Members “for their own safety”.

Neither Pittman nor other Democrat loyalists explain what threat Congress Members faced. Only ~1,500 undesirable visitors were in the Capitol building on Jan 6, majority of whom fairly described as tourists. No firearms were discharged, displayed, or left at the scene by the undesirable visitors. Even with all the weakening of the USCP, there were about 1,300 USCP and MPD officers with firearms, sufficient to protect Senate and House chambers and adjacent spaces.

But there is also an admission in Pittman’s statement. Her priority was to “evacuate” (i.e., disperse) Congress Members, not to protect them against the alleged insurrectionists.

Jonathan Turley, April 14, 2021

“On the day of the riot, many of us familiar with the Capitol expressed disbelief over the lack of serious perimeter protections and the relative ease of protesters in breaching the Capitol. This is precisely the type of information that should have been revealed in the weeks after the riot. Indeed, as previously discussed in repeated columns, the House Democratic leadership refused to hold a single hearing with key witnesses on what occurred before the riot. After using a “snap impeachment,” weeks went by without calling such witnesses before the Trump impeachment trial. Such evidence could challenge the narrative and raised questions over decisions made by Congress that left the Capitol vulnerable to such an attack.”

Excellent. Jonathan Turley asked and answered key questions.

Secret Commando Units with Shoot-to-Kill Authority

(Newsweek, January 3, 2022)

“The contingency units meeting on January 3 included the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the FBI’s national “Render Safe” team, an FBI SWAT team from the Baltimore Field Office, Special Response Teams from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the U.S. Marshals Service Special Operations Group.

All of these assets were “pre-deployed” and ready to go over the weekend of January 2-3, staging out of the FBI Academy complex in Quantico, 30 miles south of the Capitol building. If a WMD or terrorist attack occurred, the units were to move via helicopter to the site of the incident. The activation of the catastrophic response units, operating under plans already approved by President Trump, entailed an automatic green light allowing federal responders to take the initiative and spare no resources, including shoot-to-kill authority, to deal with this most extraordinary condition.”

In addition to these, there were also other quick response units available on Jan 6: the National Mission Force, the National Asset Response Unit (NARU), Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)—including the Delta Force and SEAL Team.

None of these units were deployed when requested by USCP Chief Sund, most likely due to Mayor Bowser’s January 5 letter, and the sabotaging actions of her homeland security advisor, Rodriguez.

Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene  June 9, 2022

1:14: MTG says that Schumer, Pelosi, & Bowser turned down NG. Schumer was Senate Minority Leader on and before Jan 6.



Jonathan Turley, April 14, 2021

Secret Commando Units with Shoot-to-Kill Authority

Video of Marjorie Taylor Greene

Minor update on 2023-03-13

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