BBC Pisses on the Public, Kisses up to Warmists

A WUWT reader ( ptolemy2,  ) wrote:

“In a radio interview I heard some years ago a BBC employee recalls his first day of work at the media establishment. An experienced colleague-mentor led him upstairs and out onto the roof. The two of them then stood together on the edge of the roof and urinated down on the people many floors below at ground level. (They were both male BTW.) This, the mentor explained was an important rite of passage impressing on a new employee the correct BBC attitude to hold towards the general public.”

“Therefore several decades of airwaves filled with hard-left agitprop has produced a reaction in the opposite direction. People are waking up to the fact that they have lived their whole lives listening to an unopposed unelected undemocratic stalinist hard left press. “

This is how BBC’s Roger Harrabin inquired about the climate alarmism party line in 2011:

“Some broadcasting is already in the pipeline that will relate to the themes of Rio+ 10, but this is an open opportunity for you to put forward ideas that will be collated and circulated amongst relevant BBC decision-makers.

* What should the BBC be doing this time in terms of news, current affairs, drama, documentaries, game shows, music etc? * How can the BBC convey the theme of sustainable development to viewers and listeners who have probably seen all the issues raised before? * Is there any scope for a global broadcasting initiative? * What are the strongest themes and specific issues that should appear in the media in the months and years following the conference?”

Sometime between the 1990’s and the 2000’s, the BBC became just a shadow of what it used to be.