Climate Alarm as Childish Fears

The behavior of Climatist believers reminds me of a story by Korney Chukovsky (1882 – 1969), a well-known Russian writer and child psychologist:

Her parents gave a little girl a notebook and she started drawing. She drew for a while, then suddenly she cried out and threw the notebook on the ground.

 Concerned, her mother picked up the notebook and saw what her daughter had drawn. “What’s this strange monster with ten legs and ten horns?” she asked.

 “It’s a vicious Byaka-Zakalyaka,” the girl replied. “I made it up myself.”

 “So why did you stop drawing and drop the notebook?”

 “I am afraid of it.”

Just like the little girl in the story, the alarmists made up an imaginary threat. Some of them, like James Hansen, also started believing it. After few rounds of amplification in their own echo chamber, the imaginary threat became really scary. Fear and panic are contagious, so the alarm quickly spread. Now the alarmists demand that we “stop drawing,” i.e., that we abandon the normal activities of civilized people, because these activities involve fossil fuels or skepticism of the alarmist dogma.

It is time for the adults to step up and to reign Climatism in. This show has been not funny for quite a long time.