My RICO Lawsuit is Dismissed with Prejudice

My civil lawsuit Goldstein v Climate Action Network et al. (5:16-cv-211-C, TXND) has been dismissed with prejudice.  The dismissal was ordered yesterday, on June 12. I have 30 days for an appeal.

The order was signed and entered into the Electronic Case Filing System within 13 minutes after I emailed Requests for Admission to the defendants’ attorneys.

I believe that all allegations made in the initial complaint, the supplemental complaint, and other filings are correct in facts and conclusions.  But I am not a lawyer, I had no legal exposure prior to initiating this lawsuit, and made serious errors in drafting the initial complaint, undermining its credibility.

I think that facts and conclusions, laid out in my filings, should be investigated by federal prosecutors, and that such an investigation would lead to indictment of guilty parties.  Also, an experienced attorney should be able to initiate and prevail in a class action against some  defendants and their collaborators.