What is rising – Sea Level or Waterfront Prices?

Do Democratic Party supporters believe in Climatism themselves? I mean, believe strongly enough to invest their own money based on the so-called “settled science”? An obligatory Climatist belief is that “climate change” will cause a rapid sea level rise and the flooding of low-lying lands, including most beachfront or waterfront properties. Another alarmist claim is an impending increase in hurricanes and storms. Since the majority of owners of waterfront properties are either Democrats or RINOs, if they are true believers they should be selling, and the prices should be falling, sinking well below the prices of similar non-waterfront properties. A house is a valuable investment, but a flooded and storm ravaged one loses all its value. But the real trend is exactly the opposite.

According to the Zillow article What is Waterfront Worth? (permalink), prices of waterfront properties have been rising since 2012, the end of the real estate crisis. The Left coast has been leading the way: median waterfront houses in Laguna Beach and Malibu cost $10M and $6.3M, respectively. NY and HI follow closely. A median waterfront property costs more than twice a median non-waterfront property in the same area. Since waterfront properties tend to be very expensive, they are typically owned by individuals with economic knowledge or with access to the best economic and scientific knowledge. Their actions tell us that they do not believe in the rising seas or worsening weather– although the sea level has actually been rising 1-2 mm per year without any relation to “climate change,” and the weather is unpredictable.


Republicans openly do not believe in Climatism.

Democrats secretly do not believe in Climatism.

Wealthy people do not believe in Climatism.

Educated people do not believe in Climatism.

The fools believe, and the crooks pretend to believe.


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