Reddit is too Red for Climate Realists

It is getting more weird on Reddit.  I have been banned after re-posting the link to my article, pointing to the math errors in IPCC climate models and to the failure by so-called “climate modelling community” to develop specialized chips that would have allowed it to produce its garbage predictions thousands times faster:

Reddit Acount Suspended for Criticizing Climate ModelsThis happened few days after I was banned from the news subreddit.

2 thoughts on “Reddit is too Red for Climate Realists

  1. Alright, I’m going to bite. The reason you keep getting banned from Reddit is because yous three paragraph blog posts are neither news nor science. If the Reddit news site was just people without credentials posting half baked opinions, then Reddit would be even more congested than it already it.

    It’s fine to be skeptical, but don’t be dishonest and don’t pretent that a random thought is equivalent to new, journalism, or science

    p.s., as to your fake news story. I’m a scientist (a biologist to be precise), and I don’t know a single other scientists in my department that has a lab coat. If you want to whine about fake news and how you’re getting screwed over, at least try to be informed, otherwise people will just laugh at you behind your back and you’ll do a discredit to the entire skeptic community.

    1. Thanks for your honesty. Most of what is published and re-posted on Reddit is neither news nor science. The post about lab coats is consistent with what you said: the rally organizers made a media show by dressing random people in lab coats, and the leftstream outlets went along by reporting this media show as a real event. The show organizers and the complicit media also demonstrated that they know about scientists mostly from Hollywood. And, obviously, I do not agree with your opinion about mine )-:

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