Is WWF preparing to jettison Climatism?

Something in the article Why not a war on global warming? in The Globe and Mail has attracted my attention. It was not the idiotic title (which received an excellent retort in the comments: “How about a war on Plate Tectonics?”).  It was the article author’s retelling of the words of Carter Roberts, head of the World Wildlife Fund:

The situation, he suggested, comes down to four basic possibilities. If the scientists are wrong, and we do nothing, little changes. If they are wrong and we act, the worst that will happen will be an economic stimulus that will result in a cleaner environment, a more technologically integrated world and a healthier planet. If they are right …

“Economic stimulus” nonsense aside, he seriously addressed the possibility that climate alarmism is wrong, and marked retreat paths for himself.  He also hinted that the blame will be laid on “the scientists.” We should stay tuned.