MIT Climate Faculty Letter Signatures Confirmed

A couple of weeks ago, Professor Emeritus Richard Lindzen and 300+ other scientists and professionals sent a Petition to President Trump asking the President to withdraw the United States from the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.  22 academics, calling themselves “MIT Faculty Working on Climate” published an opposing letter, parroting climate alarmism dogma.  This group comprised some well known and distinguished scientists, so I emailed all the 16 full professors (including two Professors Emeritus) in the group, and asked whether they had indeed signed the letter.  14 of them immediately confirmed.  There were no replies from other two, but I have no doubt that they signed as well.  Below are the names and reply statuses:

Professor Edward A. Boyle: Yes
Professor Kerry A. Emanuel: no reply
Professor Dara Entekhabi: no reply
Professor Raffaele Ferrari: Yes
Professor Glenn R. Flierl: Yes
Professor Michael Follows: Yes
Professor John Marshall: Yes
Professor Paul O’Gorman: Yes
Professor Emeritus R. Alan Plumb: Yes
Professor Ronald G. Prinn: Yes
Professor Paola Rizzoli: Yes
Professor Daniel Rothman: Yes
Professor Sara Seager: Yes
Professor Susan Solomon: Yes
Professor Roger E. Summons: Yes
Professor Emeritus Carl Wunsch: Yes

Richard Lindzen with other scientists have published a response to the “MIT Faculty Working on Climate.”

Updated 10 minutes after the initial publication, which incorrectly stated the number of replies.