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2018-11-06: Where I voted (Austin TX), the voting machines’ user interface is very counter-intuitive and inconvenient for older people. A dial for selecting checkboxes and buttons Back and Forward are intuitive for the Millenials, but not for senior citizens. That probably caused many of them to make mistakes, with the net effect negative to Republicans.

2018-08-06NR: Facebook blocks an ad of a Republican candidate, referring to her childhood in Communist Cambodia.

1 thought on “Notes Misc

  1. Without massive voter fraud, Democrats could never get elected (with the exception of The People’s Republic if California). Most voting places are heavily staffed with liberals, making it easy to “loose” Republican ballots.
    Until the media stopped reporting it, following every election here in the Bay Area, reports of dozens of ballot boxes full of, surprise, Republican ballots, would be found floating in San Francisco Bay (one would think whoever did this might have the common sense to weigh them down, first).
    However, between all the illegals being let into the country to vote Democrat, your children being brainwashed in public schools, and you being brainwashed by the “lame stream media”, all the voter fraud might not be necessary any longer.

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