Notes 2020-Q2

Sweden has high COVID-19 mortality (523 deaths/M) because it does not use Hydroxychloroquine, or does not use it correctly (per Sermo, April 13 – May 24). Start treating suspect COVID-19 patients with HCQ+AZ(+Zn) early, and see the difference in ten days.

May 18, 2020. The NIH HCQ+AZ trial is useless. On the 2nd day, placebo patients will understand they receive placebo, and will get HCQ+AZ (possibly + Zn) from somewhere else.

If they do blood or urine tests, they will discover that. But such tests are not planned, according to the study registration. Placebo patients with light symptoms will continue taking placebo. Thus, even if the NIH researchers remove patients with HCQ/AZ traces in blood or urine, the comparison will remain biased against HCQ+AZ.

This trial started on May 1, and its primary completion date is October 9, so it doesn’t matter anyway.