Terms & Abbreviations

FSMFakestream Media.  Former mainstream media, except for Fox News.

Repeaters — putative reporters who do little else but repeat Leftist lies.

ScAm — the descendant of the Scientific American magazine.  It is is neither scientific nor American.

Sustainable Embezzlement — a theft of public funds that meets the embezzlers’ current needs without condemning them to prison tomorrow.

UCS — the Union of Con Scientists.  Can be also the Unicorn Scientists – because when was the last time we saw a real scientist among UCS personalities?.  Formerly, the Union of  Commie Scientists or the Union of Concerned Scientists.

WHoRCe — the Woods Hole Research Center, an environmentalist organization.  Intentionally named to be confused with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Yellow Journalism — the combination of red journalists and green journalists.