Stop Establishing Climate Cult!

The so-called “climate science” is based on the output of extremely complex computer climate models that cannot be understood by humans.  Even worse, these models are incorrect because they contradict well-known principles of mathematics and the information theory.  Other important points:

  • Computers are built around silicon chips.
  • Silicon (in the form of silicon oxides) is the main component of ordinary stones and rocks.
  • Silicon chip output is interpreted by so-called “climate scientists” as the prophecy of future climate changes for decades, hundreds, and thousands of years into the future.  Prophesies that were made 20-30 years ago have already been shown false.
  • “Climate scientists” form a closed cast that claims nobody else can understand their “science,” including famous physicists and mathematicians.  Very few of these “climate scientists” have scientific achievements outside of the “climate science” or related environmentalist frauds.  These “climate scientists” and their political/financial sponsors have persecuted dissenters and have used government power to do so.
  • These “climate scientists” are not scientists or even ordinary frauds, but the priests and shamans of the climate cult.

“Climate science” is a cult and has been called so by distinguished scientists many times.  This is not merely a metaphor.  The climate cult is a modern form of the most primitive idolatry, like that practiced thousands of years ago, complete with stone idols, idol worship, and even sacrifices.  The climate cult has resurrected this practice on a huge scale.  So far, billions of dollars have been spent on sacrifices to climate cult idols.  Hundreds of billions have been spent to persuade or force others to join this cult.

But financial sacrifices are not enough anymore.  The climate cult demands and attempts human sacrifice.  The effort to shut down U.S. energy industries is just one attempt to sacrifice humans on a massive scale.

The Obama administration followed the climate cult and attempted to establish it as the state religion.  Trump’s administration must stop that:

  • Immediately remove all materials promoting climate cult from the government websites and other publications.
  • Stop supporting climate cult in government agencies and quasi-governmental institutions.
  • Stop funding organizations that promote or practice the climate cult, including those doing that under the guise of “climate science” or “climate communication.”
  • Take all necessary steps against illegal activities of the climate cult within and outside the government.

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