Obama Got $65 Million from Foreign Publishers

Barack and Michelle Obama have inked a $65 million deal for their memoirs (two books) with publisher, Penguin Random House. This publishing house is jointly owned by Bertelsmann Foundation (Germany) and Pearson PLC (UK).  Bertelsmann Foundation, owning 53% in the joint venture, is not a commercial enterprise, but a politically engaged entity.

This amount is over four times the amount Bill Clinton received ($15 million), and six times the amount George W. Bush received ($10 million) — according to Fox News.  The most likely reason is higher popularity of Obama abroad.  Thus, for his service as the President of the United States, Obama received $3.2M in salary, and $65 million from foreign publishers, serving mostly foreign audiences.  Is it surprising that he has not been faithful to his Oath to preserve and protect the Constitution?

Defeat Climate Change Cult! Updated from 03/01/2017.