A Study of Actual HCQ Usage is Published in WUWT

Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Treatment, Actual Usage in the USA is published in WUWT. The Supplementary Materials:



Based on its results, roughly about 500 thousands Americans were prescribed Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment from January through the end of July.

If Hydroxychloroquine were 1/100th as dangerous as fake scientists claim, the media would be choke full of stories about naive citizens, that died from the “Trump touted drug”. Instead, the media regurgitates the story from March 23, when a man died from ingesting fish tank cleaner with chloroquine phosphate. The police suspected that was a murder, but decided to call it an incident.

Same day correction: the rough estimate is changed to ~500,000.

2020-08-25: The Supplementary Materials are uploaded

1 thought on “A Study of Actual HCQ Usage is Published in WUWT

  1. The problem with all this is that ALL studies will be BAD science if G6PD deficiency is not taken into consideration. No one disagrees that COVID19 produces extreme oxidative stress. G6PD is needed to overcome oxidative stress & keep the immune system from over-reacting & to protect cells via NADPH. It is logical that the majority of people most severely affected by COVID19 have G6PD deficiency. HCQ will only exacerbate the oxidative stress & reactions in those individuals.
    For others who definitely don’t have G6PDd – they probably are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms – & HCQ might help a little or have no effect. The vast majority of the 6.25 million people in the US with G6PDd are undiagnosed.

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