Where are Scientists in Climate Alarmism?

A remarkable thing about the Climate Alarmism chorus is almost total absence of scientists in it.  For example, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) could be better described as a Union of Con Scientists.  At a closer look, it is even worse:

The UCS President is a lawyer and former environmental bureaucrat.

The UCS Executive Director is a PhD in “health policy”.

Out of its 18 board members, there are only four former scientists – Richard Garwin, Kurt Gottfried, James McCarthy, and corrupt Mario MolinaAnother six or seven are pretended scientists from the fields of “environmental studies”, economics and “social progress” etc.  The rest are lawyers, money bags, government connections, and an actress.  The board chair is a member of various national and UN committees and “working groups” (which is oxymoron – working is one thing that they hate), and a professor of “environmental studies”.