Cheers to Charles and David Koch

Some of the wealthiest Americans, those who benefit most from the freedoms and opportunities provided by this country, also side with its worst enemies. They use their wealth to take away our rights and freedoms, violate the Constitution, and try to subject America to foreign rule. Many others are sitting on the fence.

Fortunately, brothers Charles and David Koch provide a stark exception, firmly supporting America and its values. While the scope of their financial support to conservative and libertarian causes is wildly exaggerated by the leftstream media, their high profile makes them a favorite target of the Leftist smear machine. Charles and David Koch have my full support.

It is worth noting that the Koch family businesses involve many sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), while the ultra-wealthy supporters of climate alarmism made their money in finance, media, or computer software, very far from natural sciences or scientists. The ultra-wealthy climatists are neither capable of distinguishing science from pseudo-science, nor of recognizing this blind spot in their understanding.

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