Climate Alarmism and North Korea

A talk that retired Rear Admiral David Titley gave at the Senate hearing Data or Dogma (where he represented the Dogma) brought my attention to a dark entity, misleadingly calling itself the “American Security Project.” Within this project, Titley is charged with promoting climate alarmism and forcing the UN climate consensus on America.

Some parts of the ASP’s website make it look more like the North Korea Security Project. One article, which appeared after another North Korean nuclear test, is an outright advocacy for North Korea:

Basically, it is incredibly unlikely that North Korea will use its nuclear weapons prior to the outbreak of a new Korean war, which the country has no interest in starting.

Incredibly unlikely? Has no interest in starting a war? Are we talking about the same North Korea? In 2010, North Korea sank the South Korean vessel Cheonan and shelled Greater Yeonpyeong island, killing 50 men in both incidents. In 2013, North Korea threatened to launch a “pre-emptive” nuclear strike on the US. If that is not “interest in starting a war”, then what is? The article continues:

North Korea has undertaken the following rational calculi:

– Provocations and “crazy” actions by the North Koreans act to deter the United States or South Korea from launching an effort aimed a regime change.

– By seeming “crazy,” North Korea discourages its opponents from undertaking measures that could be seen to provoke an all-out North Korean attack.

– Nuclear weapons strengthen North Korea’s deterrent factor. The eruption of a New Korean war will undoubtedly end with the destruction of the North Korean regime; a regime which stakes its existence on making the cost of an invasion of the North higher than its benefit.

– Nuclear weapons will be used if the North is invaded, as there is nothing for the regime to lose.

In the whole world, North Korea is one of the least attractive targets for invasion. Its poverty, permanent humanitarian crisis, and brainwashing of its citizens are effective deterrents against any imaginable invasion. The article exposes the usual Leftist narrative: the USA is a threat, while its enemies only act in self-defense. What is troubling is that a large number of high-ranked retired military officers (including Rear Admiral Titley) participate in this project.

I am not an expert on North Korea, but will offer a couple of thoughts on the topic:

  • The North Korean regime is an abomination. Everything on Earth is a threat to its survival, including its own generals and its putative ally China. We should not live in fear that this regime will kill millions of us when its end comes.
  • All decisions in North Korea are made by its 32-year-old ruler. His worldview is probably shaped by computer games and by the experience of always getting his way. I would not wager a nickel on his “rational calculus.”

Incidentally, North Korea is a part of the IPCC and UNFCCC, and one of the parties of COP21. The assessments, summaries, and other directives of the IPCC are all authorized by North Korea.

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