Death Rates Rise after the FDA Memo

The following chart shows the weekly number of deaths from all causes in the US, from January 1 till August 15 (snapshot from September 2). There was an increase in deaths from all causes after the anti-HCQ FDA’s memo from June 15.

The number of deaths rose above the statistical upper threshold during the week ending on March 28. The excess deaths peaked during the week ending on April 11, when the state of New York and NYC conducted an experiment in the extermination of the elderly population. The excess death rate almost reached 40%.

Following this peak, the excess death rate consistently dropped through the week ending June 20. On June 15, the FDA revoked the Emergency Use Authorization for CQ/HCQ. This revocation contained a memo with fraudulent scientific justifications. Then the FDA’s website was also updated with language which expanded the scope of the memo, from the HCQ use under the EUA (in certain hospital settings), to the general HCQ use for COVID-19 treatment. Before that, there was a sharp decrese in the HCQ prescription following the Mehra-Surgisphere-TheLancet fraud. The number of excess deaths started rising again, doubling to 18%  during the week ending on July 25. This is about 9,000 excess deaths per week, about the same as the number of COVID-19 deaths. One might hypothesize that most of the excess deaths might have been caused by COVID-19 and/or the countermeasures taken against it.