Google AdWords: Fentanyl and Car Bombs are OK, Rifles are Bad

Google AdWords doesn’t allow bidding on certain words and phrase, except if an exception is requested and granted. Guess which word was disallowed among the following:

Fentanyl, improvised explosive device, IED, car bomb, jihad, rifle, RPG-7?

Rifle was disallowed, even in the phrase national rifle association! All other keywords above were allowed and approved.

See the screenshots in Google-Adwords-rifle-vs-fentany.pdf

1 thought on “Google AdWords: Fentanyl and Car Bombs are OK, Rifles are Bad

  1. This clearly demonstrates the extreme prejudice of the left. Their pseudo-religion of “inclusiveness” excludes everyone and anything they disagree with. Look at Russia, China, N. Korea, Cuba. There is only one way in these countries…..’The Party’ way!
    Democracies often fail due to extreme “inclusiveness”. If you accept everything, you will accept anything. People allowed too much freedom will, eventually, become alienated from one another, forming a plethora of disparrogent groups at loggerheads, and that society comes to a grinding halt. Look at our current political situation, esp. Congress.
    History teaches us that socialist societies usually last a little more than a century before they collapse, unless they begin to become more democratic. Democracies usually survive 300-400 years before collapsing due infighting, impasses, stalemates.
    Google is just the “tip of the iceberg” in a far more serious problem in our society…alienation of the individual.

    Id est quod id est.

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