Google Gives Wrong Medical Advice on COVID19

Google incites more panic by placing an animated danger sign and mentioning coronavirus on its homepage. Google also gives wrong advice for diagnostics and prevention COVID-19 disease.
Google homepage coronavirus inforgraphics

Tested in a small city in Texas using a clean state browser. Apparently, Google shows it all over the US, regardless of the presence of the virus in the area. Google usually knows user’s location with high precision. This notice links to a page with an advice wrong and unsuitable for the US.

Google Tips - Do The Five

Follow CDC advice, not Google’s advice.

  1. Wash your hands often. It is good precaution, not limited to COVID-19.
  2. Don’t cough into your elbow! Use a tissue. Then dispose of the tissue and wash your hands with soap.  If you feel sick or want to cough, drive home and self-quarantine. CDC publishes the known symptoms and warning signs.
  3. We touch our faces without noticing that. Keep your hands clean and try to touch your face less. See #1.
  4. CDC recommends staying 6 feet apart, not 3ft.
  5. If you feel sick with any of the COVID-19 symptoms described by CDC, stay home and call your doctor.

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