Honest Search Engine!

March 11, 2022: OBSOLETE. See  Alt-Search.

The Honest Search is upgraded. It includes hundreds of trustworthy websites that have been suppressed or hidden by Google: (Breitbart, American Thinker, Daily Caller, Townhall, PJMedia, FreeBeacon, FrontPageMag, WUWT etc.), mainstream moderate-conservative publications (Foxnews, Forbes etc.), as well as specialized sites and blogs, related to the theme of this website.

The Honest Search is  not a Google replacement, but a unique and indispensable tool for people of all political persuasions, who want to learn about

  • news suppressed by Google and the so-called mainstream media;
  • facts not reported by the MSM or buried by Google;
  • opinions from conservatives, libertarians, and non-political patriots, expressed by themselves – not their strawman depictions or caricatures, promoted by Google;
  • some technical and scientific background refuting climate alarmism, “Russian meddling” conspiracy theory, and the Obamanet hysteria;
  • and much more.

The Honest Search is built on top of the Google Custom Search Engine, and supports Google search features and operators.