Mozilla Foundation’s Espionage Operations

The Mozilla Firefox browser installs security certificates from China, Turkey, Russia, and multiple other countries.  That allows those governments to read user communication that’s believed to be secure and encrypted if a matching certificate is used by the visited website.  It also allows those governments to collect other information about Firefox users in the U.S.

The Mozilla Foundation keeps doing that despite earlier incidents when the Chinese government used its security certificates for espionage of the U.S.

When will anybody do anything about the insecurity of the U.S. internet created by Obama’s administration?

1 thought on “Mozilla Foundation’s Espionage Operations

  1. Follow the money trail on “Global Warming”!
    Scientists, the legitimate ones, can be bought like anyone else. So called “findings” can be manipulated to achieve any conclusion, especially if there’s grant money to do further “research”.
    It’s the hight of human hubris to think that creatures you can’t see from 250 miles up in space can effect the climate in the slightest, no matter how many of us there are. Even “cloud seeding” is not that easy.
    Extremes in weather are the NORM, and have been occurring with regularity throughout this planet’s history. That’s why it’s called WEATHER!
    ”Nuclear Winter” didn’t pan out so the “experts” switched to “Global Warming”. It’s proven to be quite a money making industry.
    The fact so many fall for this lie “hook, line and sinker” is a tribute to how well our public schools have dumbed down our children over the past 60 years or so.
    A little common sense is all that’s required to see through this greatest of lies perpetrated by man on his fellow man. Whatever happened to common sense? It seens to have been replaced by “group think”.

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