Notebook 2017 Q4

George Soros has Moved $18 Billion into his Open Society Foundations “charity”.  If any smart lawyers are reading this – get together and sue them for all the harm they had inflicted on this country!  This is a rare (for a lawyer) opportunity to make big money for doing a good deed.

Contact me, if you don’t know the cause(s) of action.

————————————————– 10/16/2017 —————————————————-

The leftstream media and the left coast “tech” companies are promoting a neo-nazi event.  An example: Google News, 6th headline for the US, the reference to a Washington Post article.  Then they will again blame Trump for allegedly “encouraging neo-nazies”.

r/Holocaust is a Holocaust denial sub of Reddit.

————————————————– 10/02/2017 —————————————————-

AntiFA = Anti First Amendment

Antifa is a re-incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan – bunches of hoodlums covering their faces and attacking enemies of the Democratic Party in states and municipalities controlled by the Democratic Party.

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