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How Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Primary Sub-source, & Brian Ross knowingly conspired to defraud the Federal Government and criminally defame Sergei Millian, by Monsieur America on December 24, 2019

Can there be a lie more cold, repugnant, and traitorous than that of the intelligence community burning its own CI asset Carter Page to claim him an agent of a hostile foreign power?

A few months later in the Spring of 2016, Cody Shearer was disseminating his own document entitled “The Compromised Candidate,” which was a loose cannon of various journalists and media personalities explaining how they’ve heard the same Fusion GPS-inspired rumors, Shearer quotes a conversation with Brian Ross from ABC News …

… as if to leave nothing to chance, the former MI6 officer inserts some “very helpful” SIGNT evidence directly tying the younger Emin Agalarov to the scheme as directly as Source D, by quoting language straight out of an email sent on his behalf “also in June 2016”.

This relates to the Trump Tower meeting provocation.

From The Daily Caller, Jan 14, 2017

A reporter for a major news outlet asked an adviser to Donald Trump about memos saying the New York businessman was involved in an orgy in Russia back in fall of 2015, according to an interview the former adviser gave to The Daily Caller Friday.

The former adviser, who still keeps in touch with Trump and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a Politico reporter called him in Fall 2015 to ask whether he had ever heard that Trump had an orgy in Russia. The former adviser said he asked the reporter “who told him this” and the reporter said no one, and that he got the information from a document made by Fusion GPS that was floating around.

Thus, it was known that Steele dossier included claims manufactured by Fusion GPS, long before it hired Steele.

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