NYC 2019 Measles Outbreak in Vaccinated Population

Re-Analysis: New York City 2019 Measles Outbreak Happened in Sufficiently Vaccinated Population (preprint)

The 2019 measles outbreak in New York city and state resulted in 900 cases. Almost all cases occurred in “ultra”-Orthodox Jewish communities and 600 of the cases were in NYC.

The official stance that the unvaccinated or “anti-vaxxers” were driving this outbreak is not supported by the data. In 2019, the vaccination rate among school children in the affected communities was in the 97-99% range.

The same NYC government officials who, in 2019, turned a few imported measles cases into the largest measles outbreak in 25 years, also made New York the epicenter of COVID-19, in 2020.

Excessive emphasis on vaccination, withdrawing effective treatments, coercing physicians to follow government orders, and an unprecedented use of collective punishments, all played important roles in both cases.