Social Media Damages Adolescents’ Health (WUWT)

WUWT has published my two-parts paper, showing that:

  • the overwhelming body of clinical research demonstrates that social media severely damages adolescents’ health

  • the social media companies suppress and corrupt ongoing research and distort well known results

  • the academic establishment, MSM, and the rest of the left wing political machine aid this suppression

  • there is similarity and overlap between climate alarmism and social media damage quietism

Paper 1. Social Media Damages Adolescents’ Health (SMDAH)

Abstract: Part 1 aims to summarize high quality medical and psychological research on the impact of social media (SM) on the health of a typical adolescent user. The title reflects the conclusion. In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned parents and doctors of the risks and harms of SM to adolescents. Thereafter, research has proven beyond significant doubt that the typical use of SM is indeed harmful to adolescents’ health, especially mental health. Girls are more vulnerable to SM impact than boys. The suicide rate among 12- to 14-year-old girls increased three times from 2007 to 2015 (not necessarily because of SM – Obamacare might have played a role, too). An overwhelming body of medical and psychological research shows a correlation between the use of SM by teenage girls (ages 13–18) and symptoms of mental illness. Beyond correlation, significant research demonstrates causation – the use of SM causes mental illness. This causation is also explained theoretically. The author searched but could not find valid research showing the health benefits or even absence of harm of SM for a typical adolescent user.

Part 2. Suppression of Information and Research on Social Media Damage to Adolescents’ Health (SMDAH)

Abstract: sharp increase in suicides among teen girls and other behavioral health issues among teenagers has been hardly noticed by the MSM and not addressed by the government. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has softened its statement on social media and brought it in conformance with the Big Tech interests, despite the overwhelming research confirming worst-case suspicions. Apparently, the research and communication on the subject were suppressed by the Big Tech, especially Facebook and Google. In my opinion, there is not only similarity, but also a large overlap among those who corrupted the science of social media’s impact on health and the climate-related sciences. Under the Obama administration, the alliance of the Big Tech, Democratic Party, activist groups, and corrupt academics suppressed evidence-based science and encouraged pseudoscience in both areas. Many organizations promote climate alarmism and quietism on SM’s damage to adolescents’ health.