Squeaking with one voice

Six weeks ago the former American Association for the Advancement of Science and leftstream media published a letter to Congress, repeating false claims of “scientific consensus” on indeterminate “climate change”.  The letter was allegedly signed by 31 top scientific societies “speaking with one voice on global climate change”, although American Physical Society (APS) had publicly refused to sign.  A quick survey revealed that even among the societies, listed on the letter,  many important ones did not sign it.  Some did.

Of course, the top brass of these “scientific societies”, shackled together with the DNC in DC, does not represent working scientists.  But even many members of this academic branch of the Democratic party want to put some distance between themselves and the climatist anti-science these days.

These self professed “leaders of major scientific organizations” cannot even professionally save a PDF file (without advertising Microsoft):

AAAS cannot save a file in pdf format