US Tech Companies Must Remain Loyal

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft (GFTM) and other companies that started as platforms or service providers and became content vendors are American companies subject to all U.S laws.  Their directors and executives are American citizens and residents, and owe loyalty to the U.S.  That stands true even if they derive most of their income from abroad. 

These companies have been made possible and prosperous due to the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and the protection by the American people, including those who do not share their political views. They shouldn’t censor us to please foreign powers. Even more obviously, they shouldn’t aid foreign powers, both governments and non-governmental actors, in undermining elected U.S. government. They shouldn’t use shareholder money to advance the political prejudices of their executives. They should not entertain ideas that they are participants in some sort of global governance.  

The tech executives should stop endangering their shareholder’s wealth and the jobs of their employees. In particular, the tech companies must: 

  • Stop racial agitation. Today, the main sources of racism are their friends on the left. 
  • Stop silencing conservatives, climate realists, and opponents of Obamanet, both online and offline.  Online activities include, but aren’t limited to downranking, demonetizing, banning, and shadow banning.  They’ve been that long enough to find themselves in an echo chamber.  
  • Stop censoring and promoting content in this country on behalf of foreign governments, political parties, and bodies with supranational ambitions. If such activity is a condition of doing business in another country or trade block, they should stop doing business in that country or trade block.  By the way, it would not be such a big loss — if their business in another country or trade block is dependent on a whim of local politicians — this business is not worth much anyway.  Companies that receive such threats must report them in their SEC statements. 

The tech companies must stop misleading the public, the federal and state governments, Congress, and state legislative bodies on the matters of their expert knowledge.  They should confess about past lies and start remediating damage by telling the truth.  Examples include climate models and Obamanet.  The mentioned tech companies know, or should know that: 

  • IPCC “climate models” are invalid and conflict with the basic principles of the information theory.  
  • they are getting a free ride on ISP fees paid by the consumers, whether they use their services or not.  That also makes development of competition to those tech companies impossible. 

The tech companies must also fess up on their involvement in suppression of conservative speech and thought under the Obama administration.  If the Obama administration had coerced them, the earlier they admit it the better for them.  If they weren’t coerced then they are willful accomplices deserving all the consequences for the companies and their executives. 

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