Wikipedia, a Housemaid for Climate Alarmism

Wikipedia was hit by a scandal in 2009 when the public learned that William Connolley, a  British Green Party politician and avid climate alarmist, was a Wikipedia administrator using his privileges to push climate alarmism while simultaneously suppressing dissenting voices.  In addition to this, he personally edited more than 5,000 Wikipedia articles related to climate change debates.  Wikipedia revoked his administrator’s privileges and the scandal has since dissipated.

But Wikipedia has continued to serve as a mouthpiece for climate alarmism.  In 2010, the Wikipedia Arbitration Committee banned Connolley and 15 other editors, most of whom had neutral or “skeptical” views in climate change.

Jimmy Wales, a founder and public face of Wikipedia, lived in Florida and held older Libertarian views (as in Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand, not Gary Johnson) .  But in order to get funding for Wikipedia, he transferred it to the special-made Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), which became quickly dominated by a group of people that might be referred to as “San Francisco-type liberals.”  WMF even moved to San Francisco.  These people built a Wikipedia that mirrored their own ideological orthodoxy, including climate alarmism.

Wikipedia has identified itself as being a community-driven space.  This is simply not true.  Wikipedia is fully owned and controlled by the WMF.  In place of an editor-in-chief, Wikipedia has a hierarchical administrative structure, including an Arbitration Committee, stewards, and bureaucrats at the top.  Administrators and other privileged account holders serve below them.  Ordinary editors and contributing content are at the bottom of the hierarchy.  Recently, the WMF created a position called Wikipedian in residence, apparently to give taxpayer-funded Leftist institutions more power over Wikipedia content.

Jimmy Wales has been on the International Climate Change Taskforce since at least 2009The International Climate Change Taskforce was launched on 16 March [2004] by three of the world’s leading think tanks: The Australia Institute, the Institute for Public Policy Research in London and the Center for America Progress in Washington DC.”  The Center for America Progress (CAP), founded by John Podesta with money from the offshore Quantum Hedge Funds, has been a closely-associated power to the Democratic Party, strongly pushing it to the Left.  The Institute for Public Policy Research was its British twin.  The purpose of this enterprise was, “to bring the two countries that have rejected the Kyoto Protocol, the US and Australia, back into the multilateral process.” In other words, to fasten the U.S. and Australia to the EU suicidal train.

Despite its flaws, Wikipedia is considered trustworthy on non-controversial subjects, especially technical and scientific ones.  Thus, by capturing the climate change debate on Wikipedia and presenting their false and pseudo-scientific arguments as non-controversial science, climatists have been successful in deceiving plenty of smart and reasonable people.

P.S. Wikipedia Administrators have the power to re-write the history of their articles, and in fact, use this power to do so.

Revised on 03/01/2017.