Anti-Semitism and Russophobia in DNC / Fusion GPS forgeries

The following passages are from the testimony of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS before the House Intelligence Committee (see searchable PDF transcript on Scribd or the OCR’ed text). This is a crazy mixture of anti-Semitism and Russophobia. Simpson is barking mad (the emphasis in the barking is mine):

MR. SIMPSON: ... Putin seems to be very interested in the Jewish Diaspora. And there seems to be, especially, the sort of Orthodox or ultra religious or conservative, and there is a definitely something interesting to all that. Chabad, in particular, is a subject that 
is curious and interesting. And Putin essentially took over the Russian Jewish community and the leadership of the Russian Jewish community. And appears, for reasons I can’t fully explain to be -- this appears to be a very interesting route for the Russians. And again, I think there are many routes for the Russians. They use trade groups, they use ethnic association groups, and at least -- and they use religious groups. The Orthodox church is also an arm of the Russian State now. And when I used to do terrorism reporting, the Mossad guys used to tell me about how the 
Russians were laundering money through the Orthodox church in Israel, and that it was intelligence operations.

MR. SIMPSON: ... You know, the Kushners are ethnic Russian and they, we were told, had relationships of their own with Russian capital. And, you know, the exact story I think was that their relationships were with the Russian diaspora in the New York area. So more broadly speaking, during the 70s, in the Refusenik era, there was a lot of Russian Jewish immigration to the New York area.

In the words of Aaron Klein, Breitbart: Fusion GPS Founder Unhinged: Putin Uses Jews to Control the World“. Notice that this transcript was released in December 2018, the testimony took place in November 2017, but the fake news outlet Politico published an article with similar mad ideation even earlier, in April 2017. Since the publication, Politico replaced the accompanying image. The article is summarized in its title The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin, referring to Chabad. Chabad is a branch in Orthodox Judaism, and is apolitical.

Fusion GPS was likely “source” behind it. It looks like Fusion GPS created a 21st century version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, of which the Steele dossier is only one part.

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