Was DCleaks.com affiliated with DNC?

Somebody updated DCLeaks.com registration data on April 28, 2016. The DNC alleged it started to suspect a network breach on that date, although it knew about its network breaches from the FBI for long time. Somehow, this change was reflected only in July 2017. This is important, because the official narrative is that the last update was on April 18, when the alleged Russian hackers allegedly broke into the DNC network.

Whois Lookup Date: 07-18-17
Domain Name: DCLEAKS.COM
Updated Date: 28-apr-2016
Creation Date: 19-apr-2016

DCLeaks.com hosted documents, covertly obtained from both Democratic and Republican parties, and other unusual things. The Smoking Gun wrote on August 12, 2016:

And while Democrats may appear to be the only crime victims, TSG has learned that numerous prominent Republicans and GOP groups have also been targeted. These hacking victims include John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Michele Bachmann, various state Republican parties, as well as assorted GOP candidates, PACs, and consultants. …

Since it seemed unlikely that hackers would target such a wide array of individual Republican web sites and e-mail servers, TSG reviewed the DC Leaks “portfolio” in search of a common thread. That analysis revealed that the victimized campaigns, state parties, PACs, and businesses all contracted with the same Tennessee web hosting outfit. The firm, Smartech, and its parent, AirNet Group, are major providers of data services, call centers, and web hosting for scores of Republican clients. …

A review of the domains on a single Smartech server in Chattanooga shows that nine of the sites whose e-mails were compromised are housed on that server.

The AirNet Group is in Chattanooga, TN. When Dmitry Alperovitch immigrated to the US in 1990’s, he and his family settled in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga, TN is a small town with population of about 170,000, so coincidence is unlikely.

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