Death of Michael Stenger

Michael C. Stenger was the Sergeant at Arms of the US Senate, on January 6, 2021. He died the morning of June 27, according to the press reports.

The first public disclosure of Stenger’s death happened no later than 2:11pm ET, June 27  (DC time used here and elsewhere in this article). The Wikipedia article, Michael C. Stenger, was altered by the user Mmmerlot, on June 27 at 2:11pm ET. The word  “is” was replaced with “was” in the sentence “Michael C. Stenger is an American law enforcement officer”. Mmmerlot made another change to the article 10 minutes later. The account Mmmerlot was then deleted by 8pm that same day, despite its long history on Wikipedia.

The next edit was by the user with IP address on June 27 at 3:38pm. This change added the date of the death: “death_date = June 27, 2022“. It was correctly marked “U.S. Congress edit“. Indeed, this IP address belongs to a block, owned by the Senate. This edit was reversed about a minute later from the same IP address.

See Wikipedia history of this page for more info. Remember that Wikipedia can delete versions from its history. The Wikipedia dates are in Zulu time; deduct 5 hours to get DC time.

There has been a string of poorly explained deaths and suicides among USCP officers who took part in the events of January 6.

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In 2017, Bernie’s campaign staffer Hodgkinson attempted a coup d’état by assassinating multiple Republican Congressmen. He only succeeded to injure some, including Steve Scalise.
The FBI Acting Director  McCabe recorded that as “suicide by cop”. MSM just shrugged.

The times have been corrected immediately after the initial publications

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