Democrats Sabotage Texas Response to COVID-19

Democrat and Democrat-Socialist politicians control the largest cities and counties in Texas. In the fight against the Wuhan coronavirus, many of these politicians seem to be on the side of the coronavirus. Instead of supporting early treatment to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, they force masking and deceive or even bribe young people into getting the alleged “vaccine”. The “top” three counties leading in COVID-19 deaths, are all Democrat-led. Texas will continue to suffer a disproportionate share of COVID-19 deaths until this sabotage is overcome.

County \ C19 deaths 7d average Party, D/R County Judge (*)
 Harris County 28 D  Lina Hidalgo (**)
 Bexar County 19 D  Nelson W. Wolff
 Dallas County 12 D  Clay Jenkins
 Tarrant County 10 R  B. Glen Whitley
 Hidalgo County 7 D  Richard F. Cortez

Texas counties with more than 4 COVID-19 deaths per day, averaged over the last 7 days, Aug 23-29. Not normalized by county population. These five large counties are responsible for one third of the current deaths in Texas.

(*) In Texas, the County Judge is the title held by the head of the county’s governing body.
(**) Progressive / Democrat-Socialist.