Facebook Disabled My Account

Facebook disabled my account, running pro-Republican ads, on the election day November 6. The account was disabled without any warning or even notice. Prior to that, Facebook had verified me as an American citizen, eligible to run election ads.

FB access disabled for violations screenshot

Facebook shown me a standard page saying “Your account was disabled for violating the Facebook Terms,” and listed specific policies that were allegedly violated.  This excuse is false. My account was and remains in full compliance with these “policies”.

Facebook disabled my account to help the Democratic party. Most of Facebook revenues come from foreign countries opposing Trump. This Facebook action was likely intended to aid foreign entities to interfere in the election. Sample ads, as rendered by the Facebook political ads registry:

Sample Election Ads

1 thought on “Facebook Disabled My Account

  1. Socialists control the internet and social medial. Is it any wonder they censure conservatives and independents? Try criticising Vladimer Putin if you live in Russia, Xi Zin Ping if you live in China or Kim Jung Un if you live in N. Korea!
    Look for more censorship in the future as the mid-term elections have made the communist left stronger!

    Id est quod id est.

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