Google: A Hard-Left Search Engine?

There is an interesting comment on my WUWT article from somebody with insider’s knowledge of Google Search backroom operations. This is a direct quote that cements the need for a skeptical search):

There are countless other reports of manipulation of conservative sites and blogs. With Google’s longstanding policy of favoring inbound links from .edu and .gov blogs, they’ve effectively created their own hard-Left political search engine.

A little context: Google shows mostly alarmist content on climate-related searches because the Web is saturated with such content. The funding of the alarmist propaganda machine exceeds skeptics’ money by at least 1,000:1 (possibly 10,000:1). The aforementioned policy (if still in force) just contributes to the problem. But individual websites might be additionally affected by actions of rogue employees inside of the Google search team, which is located in the San Francisco area.