Next on the Wall of Shame: Harvard University

Harvard alumni know witch hunts!  I’m not talking about Al Gore and Barack Obama here.  Not even Maura Healey, the Massachusetts Attorney General.  In 1692, exactly 300 years before the Clinton-Gore team won the presidential election, more than a hundred men, women, and girls were tried and convicted of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.  Around 20 of them were executed.  The majority of the trial judges were Harvard College alumniThe same sources say that after a few months of trials and executions the Harvard College President intervened and convinced the public and the former students of his institution to stop the madness.

The seventeenth century’s residents of Salem and nearby villages were lucky that in those days the Harvard President was not Dr. Drew Faust, its current president since 2007.  Under the leadership of Dr. Faust (her appointment looking like a stupid joke), Harvard University lost itself in the abyss of climate alarmism and progressive obscurantism.  The Harvard University and Corporation have joined climatist witch hunts, including the persecution of Dr. Willie Soon for being within three degrees of separation from “fossil fuels.”  Dr. Faust proclaimed:

“Worldwide scientific consensus has clearly established that climate change poses a serious threat to our future—and increasingly to our present. Universities like ours have produced much of the research supporting that consensus, as well as many of the emerging ideas helping us to begin confronting that challenge. …” (and so on, almost 1,500 words).

See reply by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Harvard’s Faustian bargain dooms it to irrelevance.

(Of course, dozens of generations including great thinkers, statesmen, and legal minds graduated from Harvard before it fell into the current dismal state.)

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