MedSocCon, EPA Human Experiments, and Climate Alarmism

MedSocCon was funded and launched by many of the same climate alarmism groups that were linked to the EPA in 2004-2012, when it was conducting outrageous experiments on human subjects. Those EPA human tests (see included feeding diesel engine exhaust voided of carbon monoxide into the lungs of “volunteers,” many of whom were old and/or suffered from asthma or heart diseases – the same population groups that are being targeted by MedSocCon now.   Worse than the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiments, those EPA tests were conducted with no medical or health care purpose or justification.

Apparently, the initial purpose of 2004-2012 experiments was to design crippling regulations for American coal miners and coal power plants.  Coal power plants provide about half of the national electrical generation capacity.  In its attempts to strangle coal industries, the EPA was doing the bidding of powerful environmentalist groups and billionaire foundations claiming to combat climate change.  Together, they selected the fine particulate matter (PM2.5) as the best pretext for the regulations, with ozone as the runner up.  The EPA publicly declared that PM2.5 causes premature death, then ran new experiments on unsuspecting ‘volunteers’ to prove this position.  Although nobody has died in these experiments or immediately after, the long term effects on the victims are unknown.  These EPA tests were whitewashed by Obama’s administration rather than independently investigated.