What a Study of Lobsters Teaches about the Democratic Party

Why have the Democratic Party, mainstream media, and other formerly liberal institutions been acting so crazily after the November 2016 elections? Why has the liberal dog allowed its far-left tail to wiggle so vigorously? One reason is that some individuals within the Obama administration and other powerful institutions have committed unspeakable crimes, and want to implicate as many others as possible. But reading Jordan Peterson suggested another explanation.

If a dominant lobster is badly defeated [in a fight with another lobster], its brain basically dissolves. Then it grows a new, subordinate’s brain— one more appropriate to its new, lowly position. Its original brain just isn’t sophisticated to manage the transformation from king to bottom dog without virtually complete dissolution and regrowth.– Peterson, Jordan B.. 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos (pp. 6-7). Kindle Edition.

Apparently, this is what happened to the collective brain of the so-called “liberal elite” (which is neither liberal nor elite). Its collective brain has effectively dissolved, and the “elite” has been mindlessly following radicals and foreign political actors.  The November 2016 defeat was so bad because this “liberal elite” became utterly dependent on the government for the funding and maintenance of its power. Brainless, power hungry, and incited by individuals and groups that have nothing to lose, the “liberal elite” is now more dangerous than ever.

1 thought on “What a Study of Lobsters Teaches about the Democratic Party

  1. Liberals are so used to committing voter fraud, and have such a guilty conscious because of it, they see this in others. That is why they are so obsessed with the Russian “interference” issue.
    The “lobster brain” phenomena is more of a reptilian characteristic than a mammalian one.
    People with a guilty conscience often see their flaws in others, whether or not it’s actually there.

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