Notes on the Mueller Report

“In late July 2016, soon after WikiLeaks ‘s first release of stolen documents, a foreign
government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government … That information prompted the FBI on July 31, 2016, to open an investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump Campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference activities.” (TMR, p. 1)

This is an admission that the FBI opened an investigation against the Trump campaign after a solicitation from a foreign government! This should be enough to charge Mueller, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, and other investiGATERs with aiding foreign governments to interfere in the US elections, espionage, and a dozen other crimes.

The the representative of the foreign government is Alexander Downer, Australia, a big fan of Hillary Clinton, involved with the Clinton Foundation. This admission is admissible, but not entirely truthful. The FBI started investigation against Trump campaign earlier; July 31 might be the date when it made it official. Also, Papadopoulos’ recollection of the meeting with Downer is very different from how it is presented by Mueller and the media.