Partisanship in the Mueller Report

Missing from the Mueller Report book was written before the release of the full Mueller report, based on the conduct of the investigation and AG Barr’s summary. Now, the published Mueller report confirms the initial assessment: from the start, Robert Mueller accepted allegations made by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, Obama appointees in the intelligence and security agencies, and even foreign governments allied with them, as the truth. The Mueller investigation was one-sided, aimed at accusing the Trump campaign and clearing the DNC and spygate perpetrators. Failing to find any wrongdoing by Trump, it exonerated him. The most important quote from the report: “… the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its [imaginary] election interference activities.” Nevertheless, the one-sidedness is fully reflected in the report. It really sounds like written by an attorney for the Democratic party and its operatives in the government.

The Mueller report (as published, i.e., redacted) never mentions Fusion GPS or Glenn Simpson. Steele is mentioned only in context in which somebody mentions his name in 2017 or later. Ohr is mentioned only inside of a tweet by President.

The report cites the Washington Post as a credible source 47 times, although the Washington Post acted as a mouthpiece of the Democratic party in coordination with the Democratic party in the 2016 elections. WaPo was funded by the government of China in the same time and for some time after the elections.

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