At this time, there are  two viable applications for the photovoltaic solar power:

  1. Off the grid energy supply for the least developed  3rd world countries.
  2. Emergency backup power supply for the US households.  Notice that the rooftop solar, promoted using fraudulent feed-in tariffs, are designed to shut off in time of power failure, rather than to provide backup.

Photovoltaic solar has a unique advantage of being down-scalable almost infinitely.

10/30/2016 –  I would like to join a string theorist and climate realist, Luboš Motl, in his praise of Steve Bannon, selected as the Senior Counselor by President-elect Trump, and the people that have elected him.

10/23/2016 –  Few days ago, Rice University Federalist Society hosted a climate change debate between respected Dr. Willie Soon and a retired professor Ronald Sass.

09/23/2016 –  Millenium Tower, a brand new (opened in 2009) luxury condominium in San Francisco is sinking and falling, surprising its leftist millionaire residents.  The Golden Bridge has been standing since 1937.

Sinking of the Millenium Tower and rise of the climate alarmism have the same contributing factor: decline in the scientific and engineering expertise of the society in general, and in San Francisco specially.  This decline was caused by Al Gore, who considered the science and technology to be a Faustian bargain, and accelerated by the Democratic Party and its “scientific” subsidiaries, such as the American Association for Advancement of the Science and the National Scientific Foundation.  They were doing that, while some naive scientists expected them to restore science to its appropriate place in government.

09/14/2016 – continues to establish the climate cult as the state religion.  It links to EDF,,,,, and other extremist and partisan websites.  And Google weighs these links heavily.

09/12/2016 –  Alarmist climate pseudo-science is frequently compared to the Lysenko’s “genetic theory” that won over Stalin and suppressed the scientific genetics of Mendel–Weismann–Morgan in the former Soviet Union.  A lesser known victim was the Information Theory, known then as “cybernetics”.  It was also banned for political reasons.  If it were not, the Cold War might have ended differently.

Ignorance or disregard to the information theory is one of many flaws of the so-called global circulation climate models, which are the foundation of the climate pseudo-science.

Washington Post, 06/29/2016: 107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs

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