Re Biden Order

Senator Mark Warner (D-IN) used the “Russian interference” bogeyman to bully Facebook (and, less obviously, other Big Tech) into suppressing conservative advocacy before 2018 mid-term elections and after them.

When #WalkAway movement, started by gay ex-Democrat Brandon Straka, started taking off,  Fake News falsely cried “Russian bots“, and Twitter and Facebook clamped down on tweets and posts supporting it. Then Twitter de-platformed Brandon Straka and gave his handle to somebody to ridicule him.

Adam Carter, (also known as @with_intergity) is one of the first researchers who found out that Guccifer 2.0 has no relation to Russia. He was smeared as “Briton [who] ran pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign.

Fake News media claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian misinformation.

Democratic operatives created fake Russian bots designed to link Kremlin to Roy Moore in Alabama race (Fox News)

Democrats Ran False Flag Russian Bots Operation In Alabama (the Daily Caller)

Examples of ignoring Biden’s EO:

ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, etc.

Work in Progress