Twitter is Antifa’s Coordination, Control, and Communications Center

Antifa and other groups that burn, loot, and murder in our cities, have no centralized leadership. They rely on twitter and facebook for communication and coordination. They also use them for recruitment. Recruitment on social media, claimed to be a”public square”, lowers defenses of the target. TWTR and FB claim that they attempt to remove bad actors, and these claims add to this effect. It seems that anybody can speak against Antifa recruitment and pro-Antifa incitement right there, on twitter, when and where it happens.

In fact, Twitter purged many conservative and moderate voices from twitter either directly, by deplatforming, shadow-banning, or restricting their speech, or by allowing others to harass them. Also, Twitter used to de-platform users replying to tweets of Antifa / pro-Antifa types under the “targeted harassment” rule, so conservatives and moderates have learnt to give them a wide berth.

Thus, twitter became an Antifa’s communication and coordination center.


Does anybody pay attention? Twitter shuts down fake Antifa accounts, but allows real ones. Fox News: Twitter shuts down fake Antifa account [allegedly] linked to white nationalists, misinformation …

Twitter encouraged Antifa by insulting President and misinterpreting his offer of help to Minneapolis. Twitter also raised doubts about the ability of the federal government to use force to stop burning, looting, and murder.

Jeremiah Ellison, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, a son of his father Keith Ellison, declares his support for ANTIFA:

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