Senator Shouldbe’n Jailhouse gets another Fishy Income

The wife of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, notorious for his calls to lynch climate skeptics, Sandra Whitehouse, PhD, got a new job as the Chief Scientific Officer of AltaSea (Los Angeles, CA), according to its press release.  She will “work” on a consulting basis.  Apparently, Sandra Whitehouse can hold a number of such “consulting jobs” in the same time. One of them is a Senior Advisor to Ocean Conservancy (Washington, DC).  According to Ocean Conservancy’s 990 form for a year ending in June 2015, she received $235,000 for something called “Marine Spatial Planning“.  In five years ending in June 2015 she received $980,800 just from Ocean Conservancy.

Year Amount Services
2015 $235,000 Marine Spatial Planning
2014 $220,000 Marine Spatial Planning
2013 $175,800 Marine Spatial Planning
2012 $182,000 Marine Spatial Planning
2011 $168,000 Marine Spatial Planning
Total $980,800  Sham

To call a spade a spade: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse takes bribes from environmentalist and other special interests.  The cover for the bribes is pseudo-scientific activity (such as “marine spatial planning”).  Senator Whitehouse projects his own values and his own behavior on the opponents of climate alarmism, and is genuinely resentful that they are not prosecuted!

AltaSea, Whitehouses’ new gig, appears to be a typical partnership between the environmentalist interests and the public money.  It has got a 50 year lease on a premier waterfront property in Los Angeles and boasts:

AltaSea’s campus is located on the 35-acre property known as City Dock No. 1 at the Port of Los Angeles. The AltaSea campus will be dedicated to uniting global marine science, education and business in state-of-the-art facilities, approved through the California environmental process.

A major donor is Annenberg Foundation, known for its funding of FactCheck and radical leftist and environmentalist projects.  In particular, it funded Chicago Annenberg Challenge, guided by Barack Obama and Bill Ayers (a domestic terrorist leader, widely quoted as saying: “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, Kill your parents.” [1], [2]).

Updated from the original March 17, 2016 version.

March 18, 2018 Update: Senator Whitehouse was also accused of insider trading.  A Russian proverb says: a thief shouts “catch the thief.”

5 thoughts on “Senator Shouldbe’n Jailhouse gets another Fishy Income

  1. This is rich. The government gives environmentalist groups funding every year. Some are billion dollar enterprises. But then some of the money goes to a Senator? It comes directly, for all intents and purposes, from the taxpayers!

    1. Whitehouse is a disgrace to the Senate…and that is hard to accomplish given all the other over-inflated egos that occupy that institution.

  2. It will somehow be blamed on the Koch bros. She had to do it because of illicit funding from the right…….

  3. I finally understand. Senator Whitehouse is the Rhode Island mafia’s expansion on to the national scene. It’s all here–slimy thinking and acting, bribes, shakedowns, protection rackets, takeovers of industries, etc.

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is a mob boss.

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