How the Big Tech Aided the Coup

My article How the Tech Giants Contributed to the Coup against Trump was published in the American Thinker on May 15. The main points:

  1. The Big Tech denied the US government, including law enforcement and counterintelligence, access to their expertise in network and information security.
  2. Google and Microsoft put their weight as technological powerhouses behind the DNC contractor CrowdStrike and its fraudulent methodology of cyber incidents attribution. 
  3. Facebook and Twitter falsely “admitted” Russian government interference in the elections via their platforms, manufactured “research” purported to show that it was in Trump’s favor, and then widely spread these false allegations.
  4. Facebook, Twitter, and Google YouTube created an atmosphere of false trust on their platforms. They allowed anybody, anywhere in the world, to create accounts, appearing as adult, responsible American citizens.
  5. Google and Yahoo sent false alerts of “foreign government backed hacking” to their web mail users.
  6. Google and Facebook artificially prop up fake news media and Wikipedia, promoting the collusion and Russian interference conspiracy theories.
  7. MotU suppressed pro-Trump media in general. In addition to that, they suppressed specific researchers and specific materials that debunked “Russian” conspiracy theories.

These points don’t completely capture that the Big Tech silenced their current and prospective employees and partners from criticizing computer and internet related allegations ,on which the Russian interference and collusion conspiracy theories have been based.