Comey in Russian Collusion?

On April 1, 2017, the Bureau of Prisons (DOJ) transferred convicted and incarcerated Russian spy Evgeniy Buryakov to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS), which released him to Russia within a few days. He was released 4 months earlier than scheduled.

That happened when James Comey was the FBI Director, supposedly investigating Russian activities. An early release of a convicted Russian spy while investigating Russian activities doesn’t make sense. But it makes perfect sense, if Comey used investigation of alleged Russian activities as a pretext in the coup attempts.

Buryakov was apprehended and convicted with the assistance of a former naval officer Carter Page. After Buryakov was released, the DOJ doubled down on its persecution of Carter Page. On March 30, it became known that Buryakov was scheduled for an early release on April 1, and a journalist sent FOIA to the Bureau of Prisons .

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Mar 30, 2017:

President Trump calls Comey at 8:13am est; they speak for about ten minutes

Fox News tweets at 1:12pm est that Catherine Herridge will interview Carter Page on 6pm show

Graham Kates email the Bureau of Prisons at 3:19pm est; he requests a FOIA on Evgeny Buryakov

Herridge interviews Carter Page on Fox News

dcpoll watches Fox News; accurately guesses that Carter Page is Male-1 at 6:46pm

Clint Watts testifies to SSCI

Buryakov again waives his right to a conflict-free counsel; Judge Berman approves

Carter Page meets with FBI agents under McCabe’s command

Steele texts Ohr at 9:06pm est; says he is concerned about the leaks from yesterday

Mar 31, 2017:

Last FBI interview of Carter Page

CBS News (Graham Kates) article on Buryakov’s early release