Do COVID19 Deaths Rise because of Advice against HCQ?

Last two days, March 5 and 6, saw sharp increase in the coronavirus deaths in the US. The cause seems to be recommendations against Hydroxychloroquine-based treatments (HCQ+AZ or HCQ+AZ+Zn at the onset of the symptoms), issued by a NIH panel on April 21, and by FDA on April 24.

Given the typical time of 14-16 days between the symptoms onset and the death, and the typical delay of 2-4 days until the beginning of the treatment, the dying are persons who became infected on April 19-21, and were denied Hydroxychloroquine treatment after April 21. I expect even more HCQ treatment denials followed the FDA warning of April 24, and continuing increase in COVID-19 deaths through May 16, even if the anti-HCQ policies are reversed today.

The FDA must rescind that warning immediately. Meanwhile, physicians should ignore that warning and NIH recommendations, and to prescribe HCQ+AZ (possibly +Zn and/or Vitamin C) to vulnerable population immediately on the suspicion COVID-19. It is not too late to start HCQ-based treatment of patients, who were denied it within the last week.

Data from the Worldometer and JHU map agree. There is an unnatural rise in COVID-19 deaths, reversing recent trend of declines, even after adjusting for the weekend lag.

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