Garry Kasparov Abuses our Hospitality

Kasparov (Twitter, Sep 1, 2018)“Those who stand against Trump will move on to many different things when he’s gone, but those who still support him should never be forgotten or forgiven.”

A top Putin critic on how to oppose Trump: “making him look like a loser is crucial”
A conversation with chess champion Garry Kasparov. (Vox, Feb 2017)

“You have an entirely unqualified president with autocratic instincts and dangerous advisers, who is quite possibly compromised by a malign foreign interest.”

“It’s far better to act and later admit you overreacted than to do nothing until it’s impossible to act.”

“Playing the calm voice of reason isn’t my strong suit despite my chess background …”

“I feel very good I now have the opportunity in my life to concentrate on some family occasions. That’s a bright side of my life now here in New York.”

Kasparov also falsely accused Maria Butina of espionage on his website